Battle of the Mahou Shoujo?

Just for reference, yes, Mahou Shoujo = Magical Girl.

I found this game at a forum (won’t say where), and it looks awesome (yet cute). Imagine fast-paced aerial combat. Now imagine it with characters from various mahou shoujo anime, and you get Magical Battle Arena.

The graphics are actually quite good, save for the edges and the 2D effects looking a bit pixellated, and it actually includes voice acting, which follows (as closely as possible) the lines said in each character’s appearance in their respective anime.

It also has a level of melee, though it isn’t as impressive as shooting the hell out of your opponents. It does bring a level of strategy though; whether you want to attack from afar or immediately rush in and get a few hits in before your enemy has a chance to react.

There is no walking involved though, and city battles are limited to the sky; you can’t fly low enough to go in-between buildings. Maybe they’ll put that in later, but meh. AI is also alright, but after mastering the controls, it’s smooth sailing.

There are also only 2 modes in the demo, training mode and normal battles; and there are only 2 areas to fight in, but then again, this is a demo.

Controls take some getting used to, (and I had to experiment), so here’s a list of the default controls explained clearly, though I haven’t figured out how to change them…yet:

  • Arrow keys: Directional Keys
    Move around. Wee.
  • A: Melee Attack
    Self-explanatory, or hold to launch a more powerful punch to push your opponent back.
  • Z: Ranged Attack/OK
    Your default Select button in menus, this also fires basic shots in-game, though it uses up your magic (the blue bar).
  • X: Guard/Cancel
    Your default Cancel button in menus, this creates a shield for frontal protection which may be moved up and down slightly. Doesn’t block special attacks though, much less ultimates.
  • C: Dash
    Hold this while moving to dash faster, but it uses up your magic. Used for side-stepping when in melee range.
  • S: Powerup
    Explained in advanced controls.
  • D: Switch Targets
    Combined with the directional buttons, this lets you switch between multiple targets.
  • W: Fly Up
    Up, up, and away!
  • Q: Fly Down
    Down, down, and…something.
  • Enter: Pause Menu
    Pause the game.

And then there are advanced controls! These are assuming you’re using default controls:

  • X+Down or Up: Teleport
    Teleport behind or in front of your enemy respectively, but this only works in melee range.
  • S+A, Z OR X: Use Special Moves
    Charge up a special attack (or defense). Some characters cannot move while charging, but others can. Some also can fire without a full charge (though weaker), but others can.
  • S+C: Boost
    While giving your character that Super Saiyan glow, it also ups your attack damage and speed, as well as allows you access to your ultimates for the duration of this boost. Requires full Magic Burst (red bar around the character picture).
  • S+C+A: Ultimate 1
    Launches your first ultimate. Your character takes time to charge it up while uttering a line or two, and while she (yes, all females, this is a magical GIRL game after all) does, a green shield forms around her, and if it’s broken and she gets hit, the ultimate is cancelled. It has no prerequisites, besides being in Boost mode.
  • S+C+Z: Ultimate 2
    Launches your second ultimate, stronger than the first. This (as seen in the demo) involves a scripted sequence between you and the targeted opponent if successful. There is also no shield involved, so this is best for 1v1 fights. Requires Boost mode and that your character be on her last bar of health.

Yes, the past 2 screenshots show Nanoha using her first ultimate spell, the Starlight Breaker. Impressive effort in detail, no?

The demo looks cool on its own, with the ability to load custom BGMs (though the BGMs included aren’t bad either) and support for a gamepad to allow 2-player gameplay, but the full version just oozes epic. Check out the video:

High Quality

The full version also features a total of 8 characters in the roster (demo has only 2), multiplayer support, and (from what I can tell in the video) improved UI. I am so wanting this. It will be released at this summer’s Comiket in Japan.

Oh, yeah, the characters are:

I won’t link that doujin here, since it’s an eroge, but I’m sure you’ll end up on that website eventually. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here’s a clearer view of those two (which remind me of Gundams somehow):

Well, by now, 2/3 of my exams have passed. Yay! But SDT was so friggen stressful. Die liao, as they say.

Anyhoo, I’m hoping this game will make it big, since it shows an incredible amount of promise, what with all the effort put in, finding voice actors for each character, and developing all the graphics.

Well, if you want to download the demo, you can go here, or if the links don’t work for you, download it from my mirror here (v0.11). You’ll need WinRAR though, and slightly more than 100MB of free space.

Happy battling, and head over here for a full guide of moves and updates on the game!

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