MST Over!…oh wait. (& a lil’ trip to M$)

Yay! At last, my 3 day regime is over and I can rest, though with some regrets.

I really, really should have actually studied. Like during the entire holiday. Oh wait, I should probably put that between quotation marks, like “holiday”, that’ll make it more accurate.

I can guarantee I won’t be able to get full marks for the last two papers; screwed up on a couple of questions, heh. That’s absent-minded for you.

Java? Pssh, 45 mins into the practical, and I was bored since I already got my program to work, and the invigilators got annoyed since I asked whether I could extract my earphones from my bag to listen to some music as I waited for the test to end. Since they refused, I resorted to Plan B, which was using my Bluetooth headset, and the invigilators just shrugged.

Yes, there are actually no restrictions on Bluetooth, so anyone intelligent enough can easily cheat on the test via Bluetooth. Yay.

Anyhoo, today I went to the NTUC Centre at Raffles Place to support my 2 friends, XJ and SB, who (somehow) managed to enter the finals for the Microsoft Imagine Cup, Photography Division. Theme this year involves the environment, so taking pictures and consuming batteries to save the environment? *shrugs*

The whole thing was a seminar, with the awards ceremony occuring near the end, so we (all the supporters who came) didn’t actually listen to them, especially the discussion panel about how software is dead, services (as in web-based, e.g. e-mail) rule blablabla, since it didn’t even involve the audience. It was like watching 3 guys discussing by themselves with another raising questions, and about 10 mins into that panel, my friend was gaming on his laptop, and I was jamming to some tunes from another friend’s handphone. We stopped after the panel was over though; we’re rude, but not that rude.

The demo part was pretty cool though. I haven’t tried Silverlight before, but the demos involving it were impressive. I don’t really get why bloggers don’t cover Silverlight as much as they’re covering the 3G iPhone and other juicy pieces of info. I was chuckling at the Microsoft Surface part though; as everyone else “aww”-ed and “ooh”-ed I muttered that the damn thing was already finished in 2007, but just didn’t go into the market at the time.

Before the seminar started, there was a band from one of polytechnics called Zonked, and they played one of my favorite classics: Zombie. Man, I still remember playing it on my old cassette HiFi. Good ol’ days.

Now I still have some unfinished assignments, and yet I’m still here blogging. Epic.

I’ll post up some photos from the seminar if and when I get them, and I couldn’t take any myself since my phone died. -_-

If you want to check out team Solar Lunatics’ (SB and XJ) entry, you can head here to have a look. Yep. That entry got them into the finals and off to France next week to duke it out with other teams.

By the way, I’m going to watch You Don’t Mess With The Zohan tomorrow, seems alright, but then again, that’s what I said for Epic Movie. What’re your thoughts on this flick? A fail, or a win? Trailer below:


1 Response to “MST Over!…oh wait. (& a lil’ trip to M$)”

  1. June 27, 2008 at 9:39 am

    Nah, the batteries were rechargeable Li-ion, so we’re just killing the earth by burning more fossil fuels to power the camera, the flash, and the very “light” air-conditioning in the entire place.

    Aren’t we humans ironic?

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