Bad Management at the Convention

Wow…just wow.

The management there was atrocious, simply atrocious. I kinda expected this sorta stuff though; this is Singapore’s first venture into something like this.

(Warning, image-heavy post ahead!)

(Apologies if the image previews look horrible, I’m using forced resize here. :P)

That sight you see above greeted my brother and I when we arrived on the 6th floor yesterday. Not good, I thought. The line appeared to zig zag across the entire floor, possibly to infinity…and beyond. Heh.

Luckily my brother’s blogger friends, who also happen to be part of a blogger group called Team Blue, were quite ahead in the queue, so we just sidled in, commenting on how freaking long the queue was. And that was the queue for the pre-registrants; those who were going to register were in a shorter queue which didn’t zig zag, though it did stretch nearly the entire length of the floor, and get this: it was actually moving faster. Like, all we pre-registrants had to do was to state our name and e-mail address we registered online with, collect our stuff and be on our way, and somehow that was slower than actually registering on-site.

Can’t get any worse you say? Oh yes, yes it can.

After waiting for a while, the queue we were in was moving faster, though the queue for those registering on-site was still way faster. Then the unthinkable happened, the sort of thing you so do not do at an event where lots of impatient Singaporeans are queuing up.

“No need to queue! Just go in! No need to register!” shouted one of the staff standing nearby. This was where it got ugly.

The excessively long queue dissolved.

At first the line kept moving faster and faster, but then Team Blue decided to split off from the queue and cut through an opening straight through to the entrance. There, we saw the results of the management’s very intelligent move: a seething mass of homo sapien attempting to cram into the entrance, us included.

Well, not really, at least not for me.

In the chaos, I split up from my brother and ended up being with two of his buddies, Kenny and Gai. Both of them decided that instead of heading straight through the entrance, we would go get our passport as we were supposed to from the pre-registration pick-up booth.

So off we went, pushing people out of the way, until we reached the booth which was outside the convention centre but still close enough to the entrance itself. In there, it was hell. I pitied the poor people manning the booth; they were probably regretting that decision they made.

We then just shouted at the people (hey, it was chaotic), “Hey, we preregistered!”, and they handed over our passport, a wrist band pass, an events guide, and a Sonic poster.


At that point, it occurred to me that I just wasted my time registering for the convention online, when I could have simply squeezed through to the counter, claim that I pre-registered, and got my goodies, ready to go and sashay in.


To cut the story short, everyone eventually got their passports, and we met up near the Wii booth. Picture is panther with some random chick there. At that point I was starting to realise that maybe I should have brought a bag along, what with all the goodies we haven’t gotten yet. So off we went, to wander around and see the sights and stuff.

We saw cool stuff like Star Wars merchandise:

And heads, lots of them too.

We visited the Collateral Damage Studios booth, and we noticed a booklet full of very pretty fanart including one of the great Vocaloid herself. Maybe I’ll blog about that when I get the time. Too bad it was sold out after we decided to buy it, which was much much later. Ah well, brother’s gonna buy it tomorrow (using my moolah -_-) so…

Moving on (and skipping a lot of content here, surf the other blogs from Team Blue to find out more), we saw a booth claiming it doesn’t exist.

Singapore Polytechnic joined the fun too (for obvious reasons 😉 ).

LEGO had some very cool ‘sculptures’ on display as well.

Next in our list is some dubbed anime called “Bakugan: Battle Brawlers”. The anime itself isn’t bad and all…

Except that a certain company is sponsoring it.

At this point, panther was complaining he didn’t have a torch to burn the booth down. Who needs a torch, just get a lighter. Or a molotov cocktail.

We then visited 77 Star, known for creating an animation out of Flash, encoding it to Quicktime, and calling it an anime, ‘Singapore’s 1st anime’, in fact.

The 501st Legion also had a booth nearby; I thought the armor on show was pretty damn cool, and that’s not counting all the Storm Troopers marching around, their duty apparently to become subjects of photographs taken by fans, and not to enforce justice/the Dark Side.

Skipping over some booths (sorry), we got bored and went back to the Wii booth to watch people play (and fail at miserably…mostly) Guitar Hero III for quite some time.

Then this kid appeared out of nowhere, being the next bigshot journalist in town and snapping photos like a…kid. We thought it was cute, and the remaining members of Team Blue (about 3, excluding me, since I’m not in Team Blue) snapped photos of the boy snapping photos of the people failing at GH3, while I muttered “Lolicons,” under my breath. Okay, I actually said it out loud while laughing, but details, details.

And off to the D&D booth for a free demo session! The game’s not that hard once you understand the basic rules, but goddamn, it gets very very complicated later on (if you make it a hobby, that is). You get a free deck for trying though. ^^

And what’s a convention like this without a cosplay competition? No Haruhi here, guys, the anime one is today, yesterday’s theme was movies. We met Gordonator here (hah, no mugshots of him here you fools!) too, sitting in the guest seats, friggen hell, and somehow we got to sit with him too. As expected, Mr. Clone Trooper won the first prize. And he got a friggen’ iPod nano too. Well, it’s not an iPod Touch, but still.

The Jedis who entered under the Group category were pretty cool though, they won first prize too. Then again, they had only one other opponent in the same category, LOL.

And as a bonus, Allen Walker ‘Rocker’!

(He sucked at it though.)

And finally, all the epic loot we collected (for free, I might add):

Ah well, that’s about it. I won’t be covering day 2, since I’ll have work to do. Lots of it, btw, so if you’re looking for that, or for a closer look at the epic loot, go to my brother’s blog or the Flickr pool.

P.S. The Godzilla x Ultraman yaoi on-stage was really, really epic. More epic than the Godzilla facepalm. Too bad my bro was too slow to get it on camera.


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