This blog ain’t dead!

No it isn’t! I just have been quite busy lately, though not as busy as immediately before/after the exams.

That, and I’ve been ‘obtaining’ more doujin lately, but we’ll leave that for another blog entry. (wink wink)

Well, SB and XJ have flown to Paris, France, and they’re having a ball of a time there.

No, that Concorde’s isn’t flying; it’s being held up by pillar…thingies. Too bad it’s no longer in service.

SB and XJ keep telling me they’re getting sick of the ‘exotic cheese’ there; in fact everyone there’s longing for some nasi lemak back home, and I don’t blame them, too much cheese makes my stomach ill.

Anyhoo, the 7th Cosfest at Downtown East got under way earlier today, though I didn’t join the fun since I wanted to work on my assignment. Fortunately, I have an otaku brother there snapping pictures with my dad’s N82, which is somehow the best camera in the house.

Yes, I said camera, not camera phone.

I have to say though, there was one thing at the Cosfest that amazed me. It wasn’t the large amount of cosplayers, or the fact that someone sang the entire Nico Nico Medley (which bagged her the 1st prize at the karaoke contest). What amazed me was this:


Exia Cosplayer

Yes, there’s a guy in there. Exia FTW.

(Image too big, I know. W/e.)

I’ll be going tomorrow though, but not with my bro and Team Blue; instead, I’ll join some schoolmates of mine, but I don’t have a camera to cover the event myself except for a crappy Olympus. T_T

Well, that’s it for tonight. I’ll promise to up the activity level a bit, so here’s a pic from one of the doujin games I’ve been trying out to compensate:

Yes, it is an awesome game, but it’s only a demo for now. It’s downloadable here; it’s the file called “es_trial_beta.zip”. Oh, and the game’s Es, from 9thNight.

Till next time!


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