Flash Assignment Prototype

Just finished up one of my polytechnic assignments, and I decided that I should probably share it with the rest of the world. Oh gawd I’m a showoff >.>

Oh, and the lass up there is Flash-tan, once again found by accident. Heh.

First off, I’ll just go over what the assignment is about.

The objective is to create a user-friendly interface to present whatever-it-is-you-want-to-present to the targeted user(s), and I decided to cover indie games, namely Darwinia, Battleships Forever, and Synaesthete.

The first part requires you (or me, in this case) to create a prototype of the app, so a lot of stuff can be excluded, as long as most of the design can be shown to the lecturer, since everything else can be completed in part 2 of the assignment.

Now, the flash application I made can be downloaded here. A copy of the Flash player is included; just drag Main.swf into it to run the application. Sorry about the lack of a proper mirror like Mediafire, but it’s somehow now working for me right now, so I’m forced to use 2shared temporarily.

The application features:

  • 100% Actionscript 3 (except maybe the FLV player’s skin, which was imported automatically with the FLVPlayback component)
  • An MP3 player with the ability to load a playlist from an XML file (which means it’s flexible; you can add or remove more songs at will)
  • Image panning (I converted some image-panning code from AS2 to AS3, and added vertical panning along with the horizontal panning)
  • Actionscript tweening with blurs
  • An actual opening (!)

Yes, I’m well aware that the application isn’t complete at all; it only contains 1/3 of the content, as information is only available for Darwinia.

Also, there was never any real planing done for this application; a lot of things were made up as I went along. In fact, the Actionscript motion tweening was done “on the spur of the moment” during some boring lecture, and I kept it since it fit nicely with all the other code I stuffed inside the application.

Theoretically, it should be able to run in a browser, but it was designed solely as an application and not a browser applet, so don’t blame me if you kill your IE.

I do appreciate any feedback though, if you find anything frustrating/annoying about the interface. That’s the other reason I’m posting this assignment prototype up, to try and gather as much criticism as possible so I can improve. What better way to do that than to post it on the blog?

I’ll post up the source code once the second part of the assignment ends (so I can’t be accused of supporting plagiarism), and you’re free to use it as long as you give me credit at least.

Music included are Spacebar by Teck017 (used in the intro), and This is Hardcore by William Towns (from the soundtrack of Synaesthete.

And yes, no worries, I’ll be back to my otaku ways in a jiffy. I even have a new banner in progress to replace the temporary placeholder up there. (Sorry Gundam-tans)

Till next time.

P.S. Fuzzy Productions was just a name I thought up “on the spur of the moment”, too.


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