Dragonica Alpha II, Solar Lunatics Return

If you haven’t heard the news, the Dragonica Closed Beta Test has been delayed.

Details after the jump.

To quote Kaye from her latest blog post:

Due to massive architectural differences in the OBT client, the current build is no longer suitable for a Technical assessment of OBT stability. Hence, “Magmus Rising” in July 08 will now be an Alpha II test instead of Closed Beta (CBT), with the focus placed on content issues like game-balancing, new job skills, etc. We seek your understanding for pushing the launch date back by 2 days, in order for a content-update patch to be delivered, installed and checked.

So basically, the dev team probably ran into an unforeseen issue, and since they need time to fix it up right, they’re pushing back the CBT date and making up a second Alpha test.

Oh, and “Magmus Rising” is basically some event in which monsters in a certain area (Magmus Volcanoes) get buffed, including the boss himself, Lavalon, (pictured above, I think), which itself will have 100 times the health and 1.5 times the damage of the Korean and Chinese versions of the game.

Looks like they thought Lavalon was a weakling last Alpha. That’s 165,000 HP after the buff, and one of the staff members at IaHGames apparently tried to take him on alone.

    He managed to solo him in about 20 minutes.
    He only made it 3 out of 10 times.
    He was Lvl 100.
    He was using 3rd level skills.

You won’t see me trying to be an hero all over that boss for a while. ^.^;

Oh yeah, I got invited into Alpha II too. ^.^

Also, SB and XJ have returned from their trip to Paris…but with no trophy or prize, sadly. Well, it’s good enough that they became the first Singaporeans to represent Singapore in the Imagine Cup Photography category.

One Singaporean team did emerge world champion in the Embedded Development category, though, congratulations to them as well!

I did hear some rumours that USA wasn’t supposed to be first; in fact (if I recall the rumours) it was a close battle between Austria, Croatia, and Singapore, and the USA team’s entry wasn’t that good. But somehow, their team managed to clinch the first place, past both the Austria and Croatia teams. Did I mention the judges were from the US too (or so I heard)?

If you’re going to ask me to confirm what I just said, I probably won’t, because I can’t. It’s a rumour, and probably will always stay that way, unless something actually got posted in the Imagine Cup forums or w/e.

Well, till next time!

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