Also known as 24 hours of pure hell.

Especially if you aren’t prepared at all.

By the time you’ve seen this, I’m most likely halfway through the 24-hour programming marathon. More on that in a bit.

So what’s this XtremeApps about? Simply put, it’s a programming competition, and it covers two fairly new technologies, Adobe Air and IBM Project Zero.

You might have heard of Adobe Air before, but I bet that you’d prolly never heard of Project Zero, unless you’re one of those in the know. You can check out the website by clicking the name (if you hadn’t noticed already).

Project Zero is basically a suite made up of many other languages (such as Java, Groovy, PHP, etc) for web application development, while Adobe Air is basically either developing AJAX or Flash (or Flex) exclusively for desktop use instead of exporting it for the web, boasting features like an embedded database and such.

There are also other technologies covered for the Junior category such as Alice, but I can’t be bothered to cover that, too.

Yes, your head is probably spinning right now.

Since these are fairly new tech, competitors are given classes (AKA crash courses) explaining how each piece of technology works. The IBM Project Zero class was short, but at least it explained how the Project Zero “server” can be set up for development. The technology itself is still in development though, so I wonder how the Project Zero competitors are going to deal with it when it crashes and stuff.

The Adobe Air crash course wasn’t well-managed though. (Is the lack of management a common theme in this blog? Probably so.) Althought the classes stretched over two days, one covering AJAX and the other Flex, AJAX was actually covered on both days, while Flex was only briefly covered at the end of the second day. I was able to finish the entire AJAX portion on my own on Day 2 (since I missed the first day), so it goes to show that I’m either epic, or the classes could have been taught better.


I’m covering Adobe Air along with two friends of mine, though we haven’t actually practised for it, so I doubt we’ll actually win anything, unless all the other teams didn’t practise either.

Wish me luck! ๐Ÿ˜€


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