Birth of a Meme, Short and Simple.

This one’s called “キラッ☆”, by the way.

Yes, strange that I’m blogging about this now, when the actual episode was quite some time ago, but whatev’.

Let’s refer to the girl doing that pose as “Ranka Lee”, since that’s her actual name in the anime, Macross Frontier.

Now, a few weeks ago, episode 12 of Macross Frontier aired. Long story short, it turned into a battle between two sides, so how do you break it up? You fly down in a mecha, get out, and start singing.

To demonstrate:

Yes, I know, that was epic, what with all the stars out of nowhere and getting the enemy to nosebleed to ensure your victory. Don’t you just wish all wars could end this way? XD

Now let’s shorten that scene:

And for good measure:

Yes, this frame (taken from Random Curiosity) alone has grabbed a hell a lot more Ranka fans than one might believe, spawning the キラッ☆ (Shining *smiley face* Star} meme, also known as the \m/ (devil’s horn) meme.

And how much of a meme has it become? It’s spawned parodies. Lots of ’em, so here are a few examples:

Hatsune Miku X Ranka crossover


Yunocchi herself (^.^)

aaaand L freaking out Kira (and me too)

There are a lot more, and I mean a lot more, but I can’t be bothered to post them up too, though I can tell you there are a lotta interesting ones, especially if you look into the deepest corners of the Net.

Brother’s blog has a pic with instructions on how to get the pose right, as well as detailing on how this meme managed to jump on board the Hatsune Miku bandwagon and got away with even more fans. I sense a potential group cosplay dance with this, along with the usual Hare Hare and Caramelldansen.

Alright, back to sleep now.


1 Response to “Birth of a Meme, Short and Simple.”

  1. November 5, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    I love these pictures there sooooooo cute!

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