Red Alert 3 Impressions (so far)

I can’t say that Red Alert 3 is t3h epic RTS of the year, especially with Starcraft II coming out who-knows-when, but it does bring some interesting ideas to the table.

Oh, and there’ll be an extra feature if you hit the jump and read ’till the end. 😀

When I saw the introduction video (the one with all the narration), it seemed to me that EA had thrown any sense of reality out of the window with this one. But then again, RA2 didn’t really “follow the rules of reality” either, what with Weather Storm Controllers and planes that seemed more like helicopters without the ability to stop and hover in mid-air.

Bringing the RA franchise to the 3rd dimension produced some interesting results though. In RA2 (and RA1), the units at least look similar to badass machines of war, but in RA3, they look like toys with real ammunition, a lot more light-hearted than the previous games. I mean, even the Apocalypse Tank looks out of proportion.

The story behind this game? The Soviets travel back in time to assasinate Einstein, but in doing so, they slipped up and cause the Japan in their time to turn into a whole new faction, called the Empire of the Rising Sun.

I’m just hoping they didn’t actually kill Eistein, since that would cause a total paradox here. But meh.

What I do like though, is the implementation of the “naval base”. Basically, you can choose to build the majority of your buildings on the water, or on land (except for the war factory, the naval shipyard and the barracks I think). In fact, you can have your battles entirely on water, since some of the land units are able to “transform” to travel on water and vice versa, like the Stingray (Tesla boats) below.

I’m surprised they went back with the old grid-based building style and limited building rotation to 90°, though for all I know it has something to do with implementing the whole “naval base” thing. They also removed the need for multiple harvesters crowding an ore field since there are no ore fields anymore. They’ve been replaced by structures that give your harvester a “ration” of ore to bring back to the refinery. Check the trailer out and you’ll know what I mean.

Also, every unit appears to be able to perform either a secondary ability (like the Allies’ normal soldier able to swap between a shield and a gun, or the Mecha Tengu transforming from plane to Macross-esque semi-robot mode) or simply being amphibious, so from what I can tell, these abilities, plus the “naval or land base” concept, will be the bread and butter of the game, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Besides, freezing stuff is kewl.

Anyhoo, check out the Empire’s hero, Yuriko Omega:

She really doesn’t look anything like an 18-year old, more like some oba-san in a seifuku. Her attacks are also pretty meh for a hero unit, since Tanya can take out armies with dual pistols. The Soviet hero is some sniper girl (are all 3 heroes girls now? O.o), so I’m wondering if we have some imbalance there.

Recently though, fanart of Yuriko has been “popping up all over the internet” according to EA, and they’ve uploaded some onto their website. Lemme show you some of ’em:


You know, Kagami-Yuriko would actually look better than the current Yuriko, but it wouldn’t make sense. Wait, then again, what in this game does?

These two, I have no idea. The first looks like how Yuriko would look if she really was an 18-year old Japanese schoolgirl with psychic powers, while the other looks like a parody of another anime, which I have no clue what it is. Could be Haruhi, could be.

The rest are either photoshopped versions (not that they’re any better) or fanart based on the same style. You can find them all here.

So will I give RA3 a try? Definitely, unless it takes up too much space, like the combined powers of C&C3 and KW, or if the requirements are too high for my current machine.

Trailers can be found here, under “Movies”. HD versions are available for download too ^.^. Fanart (so far) can be found here, and was infact only updated recently. There’s no high-res version of the Kagami-Yuriko wallie, though, so you can either download from this blog or Google it yourself.

Here’s the E3 trailer for the Empire in case you’re too lazy:

Also, they recently announced the Allies’ Assault Destroyer and the Soviet’s Apocalypse Tank. Assault Destroyer’s meh, but the Apocalypse Tank looks cool, aside from the lack of proportion. Too bad they nerfed it by removing the AA missiles. 😥

BTW teaser!:

Yep, that’s the Dragonica Alpha II. I wouldn’t say it’s super-buggy, but it does have its fair share of glitches. I don’t mind though, since it is an Alpha test after all.

But that’s for next time.

5 Responses to “Red Alert 3 Impressions (so far)”

  1. 1 mark
    November 1, 2008 at 7:18 am

    just got ra3 big fan have all c&c games, but this one is crap,,,if you remember sensible soccer
    or sensibe golf in the 1980s well this sensile red alert…

  2. 2 Karias
    December 30, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    RA3? Don’t buy it dude, i tell you it SUCKS real hard!! the gaphics? Bull shit. The 3d structures? Childish. The units? Plastic toys. Never buy this game dude, coz it sucks real bad.

  3. 3 honest fellow
    July 29, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    It’s actually a decent game. Yes, the pictures are slightly cartoonish, but that’s THE POINT. I mean there’s one instance where Mount Rushmore starts shooting laser beams at your army…

    It’s a fun game, and I’m going to be fair, and say it’s not bad at all.

    If you want hardcore fighting, Command and Conquer’s not the right series for you. Stick with Age of Empires if that’s your cup of tea (heck, even starcraft is too cartoony; it’s right along the lines of Command and Conquer).

  4. September 24, 2013 at 9:09 am

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