A Good/Bad Way to Waste Moolah

What’s the best way to waste away money? Why, build a huge (and I mean HUGE) ****ing Gundam, of course!

Of course, it depends on your point of view. ๐Ÿ˜›

According to the SciencePortal website, building a real Gundam would cost millions of dollars, about $0.7 billion to be exact. It’s not stated whether it is actually possible (or not) though, so keep your fingers crossed.

But there’s a high chance it may never happen. Why, you ask? It’s based around a single point:

What’s the point?

If you think about it, a Gundam wouldn’t actually serve much purpose in the world today, especially since the $0.7 billion price tag doesn’t cover any support for weaponry or flight, so all we have is a lumbering Gundam that only theoretically works, and as we all know technology is never 100% perfect about anything.

Aside from that, the money could be used to fund some other cheaper (and yet more efficient) projects, or maybe utilised for a completely different use altogether. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed though. XD

Btw grocery list:

Aluminum alloy (honeycomb) x 43,875

Manufacturing & processing the alloy

Main computer

Gas turbine engines (GE) x 7

Superconductive motors (IHI) x 30

Motor drivers x 30

Reducers x 30




Or better yet, how about this for an idea! Get a girl, “retrofit” her with an armored suit, a big-ass gun-cum-sword, and a pair of powerful thrusters. I can almost see the adverts now:

It whacks like no other!

Fitted with all sorts of hidden (yet powerful) weaponry!

She is almost unstoppable! (Apologies for not hot-linking the image, filesize shot up to 2MB+ with this particular scene, even after ripping out some details.)

I’m willing to be it’d be a cheaper (and yet hell a lot more powerful) alternative to a huge Gundam which can’t even do squat. Alright, finding a girl willing enough for all that stuff could be hard, much less taming her.

Or we could fit her with a programmable brain too, oh yes. XD

Anyhoo, the game shown is Es by 9thNight. You can view some extra details here, or download the trial beta here. Game production seems to have either stalled, or 9thNight really doesn’t want to keep its fans up-to-date. Ah hell, I’m just hoping they finish soon.

EDIT: Holy hell, I didn’t finish this article?! Must have been more exhausted than I thought. :/

Till next time!

[Via PinkTentacle]


1 Response to “A Good/Bad Way to Waste Moolah”

  1. August 2, 2008 at 1:28 am

    Amazing shit, is all I can say lol. Waste of taxpayers’ money, yes. HUGE waste, might I add.

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