Since some time just freed up…

…I decided to go on a short break before sinking into studying and all that exam stress.

This includes a trip to WCG 2008 at the Suntec Convention Centre (yes, you non-Singaporeans, a lot of stuff happens there).

When we (me and my bro) got there, it was pretty actually pretty empty, since it was still “early” (11.30 AM). Some people had already started gaming on the display consoles, including some of the staff.

But this surprised me:


When you think of Cheers, do you immediately think of Xbox 360s, DoTA and Red Bull? Well, they seem to think you do, apparently. They even had some girls going around handing everyone cans of Red Bull, reminding them that they don’t quench your thirst.

In fact, they made me even more thirsty.

Too Human @ the Xbox Pro booth

I had a go at Too Human, which hasn’t been released in Singapore yet. When I played it, I got the feeling that this was what Hellgate London should’ve been like, except that Too Human didn’t try the whole marrying FPS with RPG bit, instead going for target-based aiming, which was OK.

Interesting bit (which took me a while to get used to) was that you use the right stick of the controller to control your melee weapon, so holding it in one direction initiates a combo, while spinning it spins your weapon in a circle.

I played till my friends came, and I joined up with them, leaving my bro alone with Too Human, since there was another highlight of the event: CosCon!

Gorgeous Delicious Deculture!

So basically, there was a competition with 24 contestants (unless there was some qualifying round that I didn’t know about). The Haruhi that went on-stage (not the one in the background above, that’s a judge) was horrible. Take my word for it.

There were some cool ones, like the hunch-back Predator and the Ranka above, who launched into the Seikan Hikou dance routine, which was an admirable effort on her part. Singing isn’t up to Ranka’s level, but to reach that level would mean she’s the perfect Ranka cosplayer.

Here’s a video of the cosplayer in action, with the Seikan Hikou OP from Macross Frontier below for reference:

The MovieMania people (who were in charge of CosCon) sent in two judges for the competition: a movie buff and an anime buff. The movie buff was dressed in a full suit, tie and all, while the anime buff cosplayed as Haruhi in the Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi costume.

She’s missing the sword.

I thought it was a bit funny that those two were simply standing at the side, expressionless, as each contestant had their turn on-stage. The people from the RC car booth were laughing at most of the cosplayers, especially that retro-esque dude who danced on-stage. I still don’t know who he’s cosplaying. -_-;

Here’s the OP of the Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi game for reference’s sake:

Although the competition took place inside, there were more cosplayers waiting outside posing for the cameras. A few notable ones were the Kamen Rider Blade cosplayer dressed in cardboard, the Neku cosplayer from The World Ends With You below and a certain Touhou character, though my bro didn’t take any pics of her, sorry.

Oh, hey Neku.

So, after hanging around outside, we went to McD’s for lunch, then went back to observe the CoD4 tournament. I got bored quickly, and split off from them for some Kane’s Wrath, since nothing else except Too Human interested me.

I kept losing to medium though. -_-

Then me and my bro decided to head outside to hopefully catch some of the fireworks near the Esplanade (essentially abandoning my friends, sorry guys). When we arrived there, most of the roads were blocked, and the only alternative was up a ramp nearby, and a whole crowd of people were trying to reach the top.

Fortunately, we managed to squeeze through to the middle, and let me tell you, there were times I felt like saying “Bloody Singaporeans”, especially at the point when some people suddenly started pushing like mad, and “Don’t push lah!”s started ringing through the air.

Finally, at around 8.05 PM, the fireworks showed themselves, and when it seemed like it had stopped, we decided to head back, but just when we reached the bottom, more fireworks were fired into the air.


The Singapore Anthem started playing at this point, so we turned to leave…only to hear a last run of fireworks at the end of the anthem.

We managed to catch a train home before the leaving crowd arrived at the station, so it wasn’t too stuffy on the way. ^.^

Ah yes, by now, I’m sure you’ve noticed the new blog banner. The character’s indeed Hatsune Miku (of which we’ll go over some time), and I used three renders in all: this (PSD of the render provided o.O), this, and this. Do leave any comments/suggestions, I appreciate the feedback.

Oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday Singapore!


2 Responses to “Since some time just freed up…”

  1. August 10, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    Enjoyable day. I preferred to spend it at home in a console session though lol, sounds like missing the event was good from the remarks of those who went.

  2. August 11, 2008 at 1:16 am

    Yes, you doing all that while I’m stuck with work at home 😦 I can has social life?

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