It was so not my day.

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“It” refers to 29 August 2008, a Friday.

And it sucked like hell.

I had a paper on that day, Design For User Interaction. I didn’t have time to study the previous night, so I was obvjously a little unprepared, aside from the study time I spent with a few friends.

I found out that my paper would take place at 2 PM that day. Not a problem for most, but it was mere minutes after my weekly Friday prayers, since they end around 1.45 PM at this time of year.

Alright, a quick bus ride would ensure one arrives at the exam venue just on time, unfortunately it wasn’t my lucky day.

I also had a club meeting that morning, which I definitely couldn’t skip since it was one of the major ones, so by the end of the meeting (which was at ~ 12 PM) I had half an hour to copy down some of the major points on paper before setting out to the mosque, reading my notes on the way. At this point, I knew I was going to be shaving some points off my marks, since there were a LOT of points to memorise and take note of, and studying while walking isn’t one of the best ways IMO.

I lost the notes on the way to the mosque, though. -__-

At the polytechnic bus stop, I was holding all of my notes intact. When I arrived at the mosque though, I noticed I was missing one piece of paper. It was already bad enough only having the major points to study with, losing that one piece of paper made it a lot worse.

After the prayer was over, I decided to catch a bus back. In my bad mood, I didn’t notice I took the wrong bus until it turned at the intersection away from the polytechnic. I decided to walk back to polytechnic after that, since I couldn’t possibly trust the right bus to come along in time.

“This isn’t my bus…”
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Halfway on the way back the right bus zoomed past me.

By the time I arrived at the building I was slightly late. I knew I had forgotten my room and seat number, so I checked my notes, having written down both numbers since I knew what a forgetful idiot I was. Then I realised something else:

The numbers were writen on the very sheet of paper I lost.

I wandered around a bit, asking the invigilators where the hell my paper was. None of them had a clue, and I didn’t blame them, since they’re not actually expected to know that much.

I managed to borrow some random dude’s laptop to check out my details, and when I finally got to the room, I was already about half an hour late, and everyone was giving me the “WTF?” face, including my lecturer.

As expected, I had to rush a bit, and left some questions unanswered. In short, I think this was my worst paper ever. I am so not getting my 4.0 GPA at this rate, though I’m not expecting one due to my relatively low performance for my projects, Java in particular.

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And when I got home, I plugged in my hard drive to start watching anime…only to find out the whole drive got corrupted.

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I managed to recover most of the stuff though, save for some files here and there. Luckily my more important stuff was left unscathed.


I blame mostly myself and my bad luck for being late for the paper though, since it was my choice to walk all the way. I was too friggen’ pissed to care at that point.

Ah well, I suppose it could’ve been alot worse.

Anyway, since my exams are over, I’ll have more time to blog, so no more “on hiatus” messages till the end of my 2-month holiday.



1 Response to “It was so not my day.”

  1. 1 mizunaga
    September 2, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Wow. Sounds like a really bad day. ^^;

    Good thing you managed to recover your files though.

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