Miku, My Idol

Image source : Piapro

I actually planned this to be part of the Miku’s birthday post, but time wasn’t on my side.

As usual.

If it isn’t obvious to you non-otaku visitors, I am a Miku fanboy. I simply love Miku, way more than any other anime character.

Let me start off with how I found out about Miku.

I was surfing some anime forum, looking for Lucky Star wallies (Lucky Star was still airing then), and I kept seeing signatures of a twin-tailed turqoise-haired girl. I was curious since she had a striking resemblance to Kagami, so I googled the name “Miku” and a minute later I was reading the wikipedia article for the VOCALOID technology.

Soon, curiosity turned into slight obsession. I was already into text-to-speech engines which allowed computers to speak, so a technology allowing computers to sing seemed impossible to me at the time. I just had to see how it fared, especially since it was (and still is) an online trend.

Image source: Unknown

Eventually I started watching one of her Youtube videos, “Ievan Polkka“. I thought it sounded cool, especially since I’ve never heard a 100% synthetic (voice included) song in my life before that.

My interest was further bolstered by the fact that I was searching for another meme known as the “Loituma Girl“, and since both Miku’s Ievan Polkka and the Loituma Girl were based on the same idea (waving a leek), I knew I stumbled upon something big here.

My sudden interest died after a while though.

A few months later, I was surfing moetron when I found more Miku videos which he posted, and I instantly remembered what I had found. Interest sparking up again, I watched all the 3D videos he had posted, and became hooked. Before I knew it, I had registered an account on NicoNicoDouga and started experiencing the Miku sensation first-hand.

By now, my brother had seen the videos himself (he DOES sit beside me, after all) and was as surprised as I was about all the effort put into this one character. He became a Miku fan too, though a bit later than I did.

Now? My brother’s well-known for being the Miku Guardian, though we all know he wasn’t the first one between us. XD

Becoming a Miku fan also led me to other sites such as Piapro and Pixiv, so I guess becoming a Miku fanboy made me more of an otaku than I already was.

I like Miku because of one thing: independent development. Fans constantly create more and more content about her, whether it’s fanart, music, or video/animation. She became the craze in Japan (and around the world) that she is now simply because of the fans that support her.

The rise of the virtual idol also encouraged fans to bring forth their talent, talent which I’ve seen time and again in several creations. You can see one example below:

Black ★ Rock Shooter


Anyway, once again, Happy Birthday Miku!


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