The Eccentric UNIQLOCK

This should be familiar to some of you, but for those that don’t have a clue, it’s a screensaver clock that’s…very eccentric.

Catchy music included.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A friend showed this to me, and I was impressed, so I downloaded the screensaver for my desktop.

As you can tell, the clock ticks every second, sliding colors upon every tick, and after every 5th second, a video clip will slide in, with females doing various…stuff. For 5 seconds.

Don’t worry, nothing scary or NSFW will pop-up (except for the occasional circlular critter bouncing around), though it seems the clips update over time depending on the “season”.

By season, I mean fashion season, since this screensaver was created by UNIQLO, a clothing retail chain operating in several countries, including Japan, the UK, and the US.

The clips are in sync with the ticking, though their actions and dance moves make absolutely no sense (at least not to me).

Oh yeah, and the clips displayed may also depend on the current time, e.g. if you watch the screensaver at midnight, the animation is slightly different, and you only get clips of the women snoozing in the library.

You can visit the website to download the screensaver, or to embed your very own UNIQLOCK on your blog. The website also has a page which keeps track of embedded clocks around the world, which IMO looks cooler than the actual screensaver itself.

That’s me surfing with 130+ tabs by the way. ^.^;

The screensaver also includes another screensaver called “DRY IN MOTION”, which isn’t as attractive as the original UNIQLOCK. You can still give it a shot if you want to though.

In case you’re unable to download the screensaver, here’s a mirror. Have fun. ๐Ÿ™‚


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