Cosplay Matsuri

Yes, I’m well aware I’m a week late with this.

On the Sunday 2 weeks ago (31 August 2008), I decided to head down to the Sky Garden at VivoCity to attend a cosplay competition.

Originally, I planned to join a group of friends, but after a friend, TX, phoned me up asking for something to do after the exam week, I decided to form my own little group to wander around the rooftop.

At first, we really couldn’t do anything; my phone camera was crap and my friend’s digital camera only had enough memory for three pictures since he forgot his memory card. =_=

Fariz came too after his SMRT Challenge was over, didn’t win anything unfortunately.

We just sat at the stage, listening to the craptacular (in terms of sound quality) anime music being looped. It felt like they only had 10-12 songs to play, some of them being direct OP rips. There were dance performances, but for the love of me I couldn’t find in them any sort of relation to anime or even basic Japanese culture, except for maybe the fact that some of them wore yukata.

Their co-ordination was crappy too.

The majority of the cosplayers were Bleach and Naruto, though there were some new faces, including a guy cosplaying Ami from Shugo Chara and Kagamine Len.

Eventually, my other friend, pkchukiss, arrived, and he dragged with him XJ and JJ, who left to eat somewhere else.

pkchu lent me his Fujifilm S800 since XJ was kind enough to loan him his Nikon D80. For the first time in my life, I felt like an actual cosplay photographer, even to the extent of kneeling (and eventually sitting) right in front of the stage during the competition to take close-ups.

The photos posted here were taken by the Nikon, which wasn’t able to shoot any close-ups since XJ didn’t bring a zoom lens. I have no idea where the pictures (which were mostly close-ups) I took with pkchu’s Fujifilm went though. Ah well.

pkchu gave me a some pointers on shooting, but I was using Automatic mode anyway since I’m such a newbie at shooting. >.<

I thought the children cosplaying were cute. Next thing you know, they’d get a baby in a Bleach outfit or something.

We left after the competition ended, not bothering to stay behind for the results since I had to go home in time for the fast breaking.

More pictures in the Flickr pool here, as well as in my brother’s blog.

2 Responses to “Cosplay Matsuri”

  1. 1 malzias
    September 9, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    Oh gods, that Nero… he does a DROPKICK, not a FLYING KICK. D:

    If you thought those kids were cute, you shoulda seen some of my Bleach team’s kids. I seem to remember Jinta, Kon and Nell done by my team leader’s younger cousins.

  2. 2 フェイダムさん
    September 12, 2008 at 9:32 am

    No white devil bringers or black-haired Kiries in my DMC! Kinda glad I didn’t go.

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