Spore in S’pore

My brother and I decided to attend the Spore official launch in Singapore at Funan.

All images here taken with an N78, so don’t expect DSLR quality kthx.

We decided to head there really early (at 11AM) since there was a giveaway contest (at 2PM), and you know how long queues can be when the word “giveaway” is uttered near a Singaporean.

To our surprise though, there was no queue; in fact, the only queue was the game preorder queue, all the customers patiently waiting to get a goodie bag along with their preordered copy of Spore.

We went straight to the 5th floor (which was 1 floor above the preorder area) and Fariz started playing on one of the demo stations. By the time I got to him (the fast bugger), he was already about to leave the Cell Stage and move his creation onto land.

I simply stood there to watch (since the other stations were already taken), and I was fascinated by the way you could customize your creature with parts you found over the course of the game.

Anyway, the giveaway contest was simple: You had to print out a contest form, fill up all the fields, and submit it to a booth to earn a prize “worth $80”. Naturally, any sort of freebie was OK with us (we’re Singaporeans after all). The answers were also given in the link provided.

Eventually, the giveaway queue started to form (at 12.30PM), so I began queueing along with the others, while Fariz continued playing Spore. I had entertainment pre-loaded into my N78, but I was still bored to death waiting 1 1/2 hours simply sitting there.

Finally, the queue began to move, and as I neared the beginning of the line, Fariz reluctantly extracted himself from the demo station and joined me. We were surprised to see people ahead of us receiving sealed envelopes instead of goodie bags as we had previously thought.

Anyhoo, we collected our envelopes, and we were quite surprised to see our phat lewt.

At this point I was kinda pissed since I didn’t get a chance to play yet, so I hovered around until some kid left his demo station, and started a game from scratch.

And here’s my review of it from that experience:

The game is split into stages, each playing in a different manner in terms of style as well as scale. I only managed to get up to the Creature Stage before I abandoned my machine to allow others to play (unlike my engrossed brother, who at the same time grabbed hold of another machine to start over). My brother managed to reach the Civilization Stage (twice, I might add). Neither of us managed to reach the Space Stage, which is said to be the part where the game actually starts.

Each stage allows for some level of customization. For example, in the Cell Stage, you get to add on more parts to your creation (mouths to eat, spikes to stab, etc.) and in the Creature Stage as well (limbs, wings, body armor). In the Tribe Stage, you get to adorn your creatures with clothing, and in the Civilization Stage, you’re given the chance to design the buildings and vehicles. Pretty cool stuff, though we didn’t get a chance to experience the Space Stage.

Considering we were wow-ed by the parts of the game before the Space Stage (except for Civilization, which IMO was a step down from Creature and Tribe), I’d definitely recommend this game, especially to casual gamers.

Spore E3 2008 trailer below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 Responses to “Spore in S’pore”

  1. 1 フェイダムさん
    September 12, 2008 at 9:30 am

    Need… Spore… NAO… Seriously, that’s some awesome shit.

  2. 2 SaLaNoS
    September 12, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Oho, the customization’s everywhere… (Lol M1.)

    If I had more hard drive space I would probably go and try this.

    Anyhow, maybe I’ll get it if I get a new computer.

    I’d probably enjoy the vehicle customization much.

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