Newsy News

Forgive me for the lack of imagination in the post title.

It’s going to get a bit personal here tho, so go to the end of this post for Project DIVA information (yes, there’s more).

Oh yeah, warning: Screenshot spam.

My Job Ends

Finally, I’ve completed my two week regime job for the school, shooting some Vietnamese training course/conference. Initially I didn’t plan on taking every single day (excluding Fridays), but then something caught my eye:

Yes, for the first time in my life I am buying figurines, and a pair at one go to boot. These are the figma figurines of the Kagamine twins, Rin and Len. My brother’s already acquiring his Miku figma soon to join his Miku Nendoroid, so I thought I’d get these two to match her. It’s likely that these may be the only figurines I’ll be buying, except for maybe the Kagamine Rin and Len Nendoroids, which are unlikely to be re-released. T_T

Team Blue

I’ve been a member of Team Blue for quite some time now, though I never found time to post the news, or update the blogroll.

Yes, the (only) banner you see at the side under “Team Blue Members” is Panther, the leader/Banchou of this group of insane bloggers/IRC lurkers/blog commenters. Fariz is one of the Core members, and I’ve already gone out with them to the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention.

Recruitment drive’s still open though, and you can apply by joining our IRC channel in irc://irc.rizon.net/, #teamblue, or by commenting in the recruitment post.

Blog Merger

I’d like to announce that this blog will be defunct eventually, since I’ll be teaming up with my brother to form a new duo blog.

However, this won’t happen anytime soon, since we still have yet to decide on a few things, namely:

  • the name of the blog,
  • the host of the blog (hopefull cheap or free, since we’re only looking to host a WordPress blog, and all media will be hosted externally),
  • whether we’re getting a full domain or a sub-domain.

Till then, I’ll keep posting my own news (especially Vocaloid-ism, since after merger it’ll be pretty useless).

Project DIVA PSP demo “leeked”

Apparently the PSP demo for the game has already been leaked in Japan months prior to the demo’s release in a few months, and a pal of mine in Japan has already played it. There are some features which I doubt has been released, such as:

  • being able to download song packs and add-ons for the game for free. This feature was found in the demo as a “Download” button, but selecting it causes a “Wait for full release” message to pop-up, so wait we shall. XD
  • a VS. play mode, enabling you to challenge anyone else over WiFi (the only way you can connect anyway lol). Basically all participants just play a song at the same time and compare scores at the end, there aren’t a lot of details about this.

I’ll bring you a video of the game (from the same pal) as soon as I get it from her. Till then, enjoy these screenshots as appetizers, courtesy of bonobono.

Thanks for the info, Soruken!

6 Responses to “Newsy News”

  1. September 13, 2008 at 6:02 pm

    Yay, blog merger! Hope a decision gets made soon.

  2. 2 SaLaNoS
    September 20, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    You’re like uber Miku fan :\

    Not that I can blame you, though.

  3. June 23, 2016 at 11:56 am

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