I’ve Moved!

Image Source: Pixiv

I’ve decided to move to where the grass is greener.


I’m moving to Kyouran Kyodai, a joint blog set up by me and my brother, and hosted by my friend, pkchukiss. Panther pointed out that since we both blog about the same events and essentially the same stuff, we might as well merge and combine our strengths.

And the result is Kyouran Kyodai.

This means I won’t be blogging here anymore; in fact I’ll be copying all my posts here to there.

In case you’re wondering, yes. My bro and I do have our little arguments over who gets to blog about what, and this merger should (hopefully) put an end to them and allow us to deliver 200%. Maybe this’ll even clear my backlog.

Maybe. Also, the logo was made by accident. orz

Well, Team Blue’s figure shoot’s coming up, part 2 of the “Figurative Story” in fact. I’ll be tagging along with my brother (though I lack any actual figurine myself, much less a FANTASY-THEMED figurine). I have no damn clue how my N78 will perform, though I imagine I’ll return home to find grainy photos and the like. =_=;

To make up for me leaving so suddenly (not really that sudden), here’s an 80 minute video full of the more popular Miku music. Give it a whirl.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So, goodbye my.World, hello KK. 😀

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